We can make perfect treats for any occasion, no matter how big or small. You can either treat yourself to an individual cake, design your dream birthday or wedding cake order treats for an event or function. No matter what the request we can cater to you need at an affordable price.

Established in 2018

Red Velvet Bites is a Small Business Owner that is all about providing Quality Cakes and Treats with Incredible Flavours at Affordable Pricing. We are here to help you not only deliver the best tasting treats that your taste buds will screaming for more!


We Are More Than Just Cake!

A cake can be of many types like cream cake, fondant cake, semi-fondant cake, cheesecake, cupcakes, christmas cake, wedding cakes custom designed cakes etc. We have all those types of cakes available in great variety of amazing flavors.

But we’re more than cakes, we can do anything from pies to cookies, pastries, muffins and variety desserts.

What’s that; you have allergies or have restrictions? Don’t worry, we got you. We cater for Nut Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan.

Basically we know what people want and we are here to deliver.




Birthday Parties

Gift Baskets

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Cakes Pies & Tarts

Starting from $45

Specialty Cakes

1 tier starting from $250

2 tiers starting from $350

3 tiers starting from $550

Treats & Baked Goods

Starting from $15 a box

Made From Scratch using Quality Ingredients

We pride ourselves in using only the highest-quality ingredients to bake our treats, creating flavors that can only be achieved through proper preparation and care.

Every ingredient in our products originates from qualified and/or certified suppliers, and our we hand-pick each ingredient to ensure that it meets our quality standards and belongs on your table.

Most importantly we ensure that we are respectful of all our clients needs when it comes to preparation. 

Quality Tastes

Careful Preperation

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